Produits récents

MCC Instrumentation

Lieder – Digital Controller

LIEDER ‘S’ controller belongs to the second generation of the MCC single loop digital controllers. It is the first instrument designed on a 48 x 48 mm size that enjoys more than twelve years experience in the industrial process control. With its 16 bits microprocessor, it performs all the functions and characteristics usually assigned to the 1/4 and 1/8 DIN devices. Two input signals, one logic input, one linearization on 20 segments and a 12 sequences profile generator are standard features as well as three different algorithms for the motorvalve control. As a major asset, LIEDER ‘S’ is easy to implement with its two different configuration tools : one Windows software and one IRDA remote control that allows a bi-directional transfer of the controller’s main data and program.


Drum thickeners – PDR series

For sludge thickening large flow The PDR Series drum thickeners ensure dynamic thickening by continually rotating the sludge for increased large flow (35 to 80 m3/hr).


Fan Coil Unit CULTRA

Room air is drawn in by the fan through the air intake grille and cleaned by the filter connected downstream.