Produits récents


Digital dosing, DDI

Grundfos DDI pumps provide Digital Dosing from 75 ml/h up to 150 l/h with real setting of the flow rate. The integrated high-performance microelectronics and the innovative speed-regulated drive technology produce a precise and continuous dosing guaranteeing consistent media mixing and process quality.


Fully automatic Side-bar filter presses

As a result of its acquisition of R&B and Netzsch Filtrationstechnik, ANDRITZ has become the leading supplier worldwide of high-quality design filter presses used in the municipal and the industrial sectors. ANDRITZ has supplied over 10,000 presses so far and thus has extensive filtration know-how. A patented scraper device guarantees fully automatic operation, even with very sticky filter cakes. A moveable cylinder stand allows fast opening and closing of the complete plate pack.


Grundfos Remote Management

Grundfos Remote Management is a secure, internet-based system for monitoring and managing pump installations in commercial buildings, water supply networks, wastewater plants, etc. Pumps, sensors, meters and Grundfos pump controllers are connected to a CIU271 (GPRS Datalogger). Data can be accessed from an Internet PC, providing a unique overview of your system. If sensor thresholds are crossed or a pump or controller reports an alarm, an SMS will instantly be dispatched to the person on duty.