Ignitia is a high-technology company and social enterprise that has recently developed the world’s first accurate tropical weather forecast model. Our platform is aimed to benefit small-scale farmers in West Africa by sending a daily forecast via SMS, provided in partnership with major telecommunication firms.

We started in 2010 as a new research team in physics & meteorology, gathered from different renowned universities and research institutions such as NASA. We set out to tackle the difficult problem of accurately predicting weather in the tropics. It wasn’t easy.

Tropical weather patterns are significantly smaller and not driven by pressure or temperature differences that determine weather in the northern and southern hemispheres. The standard forecasting models that exist for the tropics are notoriously inaccurate. To create an alternative and breakthrough model we had to find better ways of capturing the convective processes that underpin the majority of tropical weather events.

After years of painstaking efforts in developing the algorithms and model, we finally had something we wanted to test in the field. Our first trial in 2013 offered 3,400 small-scale farmers in Ghana seasonal, monthly and daily weather forecasts. A mere eight farmers opted out of the service during the season and our accuracy rate was measured at 82%, as compared to the current standard of 39%.

Site web : www.ignitia.se

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Superior accuracy Our disruptive forecast technology in the tropics gives on average 84% accuracy in West Africa, compared to 39% from global competitors. It provides a unique weather forecast for every 3 – 9 km Up to 80% increase in farm income Good weather information can almost double the yields for small scale farmers. The reason is simple – weather affects every stage of a farming cycle. Ready for mass markets Iska is currently accessible to 12 million subscribers in West Africa. Our technology is ready to be offered in 14 more countries with an easy scalable business model En savoir plus